What to do while you are deciding to buy!


There is a lot to do and think about!

There is so much to do and think about-here are some ideas, but feel free to set up your own personal consultation with me with NO Obligation!

We all want a smooth transaction from beginning to end!

By Sherri Sue Parkin of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties

While every home transaction is different, there is so much that you can do to make yours as smooth as possible!  Take some time to do a budget.  Go through your bank statements and credit card statements and find out what you really are spending each month, don’t forget those things you pay cash for like baby sitters and tips.  The last 3 months is a good time period to see what your spending habits are, however, for utilities you will want to take a one year average.  If you are like me you probably found auto payments for things you never even use!  Cancel them even if they are only a few dollars each month…it all adds up!  Then create categories for what are necessities and what are niceties.  This is all being done to find your comfort zone for your mortgage payment and in some cases HOA dues.  You always want to stay within your comfort zone, not just what you qualify for.

Figure Out the Pros and cons of Moving-You may be surprised!

Write all the reasons you can think of and Update them Daily!

Sometimes we think we need to stay for a neighbor only to have the neighbor move themselves, or we love a favorite restaurant only for them to sell and it no longer is the same.  Then there are other factors for wanting to move like living closer to work or a loved one.  What are your main reasons for wanting to move?  Why do you want to stay?

To Buy a New Home or An Existing Home?

Decide on whether you want to buy a NEW or Existing Home?

If you think you want to buy a NEW Home, you MUST find your own realtor before you go out looking at NEW Model Homes!!  If you don’t then you are giving up your rights to have your own realtor representation.  The agents at the Model Homes represent ONLY the SELLER!!  Always bring your realtor to the design center…so you don’t overspend!!

So When is the Right Time?

You WILL Know! You literally will wake up and say, “I am ready!!”

So make sure you have done what you need to do to prepare for putting in your best offer so that you stand out and get the home you want!!

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