Virtual Tours and Buying and Selling


With so much going on you may wonder are there people still buying and selling real estate? The answer is yes…sort of!  Open Houses are completely stopped and Owner Occupied Showings have been either stopped, restricted by appointment only, or gone Temp Off Market. 
So what does that mean for Real Estate?  It means that more offers are being put in based on pictures or Virtual Tours (done by your local Realtor).  Vacant properties are more ideal for buyers.  In addition, Investors looking for properties to rent with Tenants in place are also now available. 
The Good News: Extended Inspection Times and COVID-19 Clauses that allow for the Buyer to evaluate the situation that COVID-19 is having on them before closing.  While you may not be able to see the property you are buying there are innovative ways to get you comfortable that the property you are buying is a good fit for whatever your current real estate needs are.
 So, wherever in the World YOU are, when you are ready to buy in Phoenix, I am there for you!! Let me pre-view the homes you are interested in, take video’s and send them to you via Instagram, FaceTime, Messaging or What’s App…you decide!!
I can be your eyes in today’s market where homes are still going fast and the ability to travel is not always possible!! 

Call me today 480-809-5853 and let’s get started on your

Phoenix home search NOW!!  

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